2021 Summer FUn Workshops

Do you know a maker who loves DIY, crafting, tinkering, creating, building, art, and/or science? If so, then our Never Ending Summer Workshops are for you!

Check out the details for weekly themes and scroll down to see the schedule, payments, and registration information.

Nature Quest

June 7th - 11th “Nature Quest”

This series of 10 workshops focuses on learning skills to stay safe in nature. From learning how to spot helpful and harmful plants, animals, and insects to finding ways that animals adapt in their environments, this nature study is sure to leave you ready to hit the trail!

Each day, you’ll focus on a new and interesting component of nature while learning about the critters that live in our area. You’ll get to pack for a hike, set up camp, and make ‘n take several items in the maker lab including a map and map key, a plant or animal plushie, a smash art painting, and a hiking safety kit!

Astronaut Exploration

June 14th - 18th “Astronaut Exploration”

In this 10 workshop exploration of space, you’ll learn facts about Earth, our solar system, and outer space. From studying characteristics of each planet in the solar system to creating a planet of your own, you’ll find out-of-this-world knowledge and fun!

Every day will bring a new inter-galactic adventure! You’ll get to create a model solar system, make ‘n eat yummy constellations, create pour-painted planets and galactic slime, and make ‘n take a telescope, stomp rocket, and diorama of your planet!

International Spies

June 21st - 25th “School for International Spies”

Are you ready for 10 weeks of training at Imagine Foundry’s School for International Spies? Recruits complete daily agility training as well as specialized ops to prepare for spying in culturally diverse locations across the globe. You’ll learn about spy agencies worldwide and multiple roles that an agent can have.

Each workshop offers a new mission and skills to master. You will build your HQ complete with high-tech security, secret codes, and cool gadgets. You’ll create an alternate identity, learn skills in C.S.I., complete A.I.T. in combat, and learn how to use and create ciphers.

Racing Physicists

June 28th - July 2nd “Racing Physicists”

Get ready for 10 workshops of intense fun at the amusement park! You’ll get to imagine, design, and create your own amusement park and bring it to life in the maker lab, as a scaled model of course. Test your skills and knowledge in forces, motion, simple machines, and technology as you put together the ultimate amusement park plans.

Each workshop focuses on a different portion of your amusement park. You will build rides and attractions one by one. You’ll also include features such as a concession stand, tri-fold brochure, video advertising, and more.

Personalize It!

July 5th - 9th “Personalize & Craft It!”

This series of 10 workshops focuses on learning skills personalizing fashion and jewelry. From learning how to sew and embroider to using high tech equipment like a vinyl cutter and laser engraver, this crafting class is sure to leave you looking stylish in your customized attire!

Each day, you’ll focus on a new and interesting skill while making a personalized item in the maker lab. You’ll get to customize a t-shirt, tote bag, pillow, purse, plushie, jewelry, stationary, shoes, hat and more!

Attend the full week and earn your sewing license!

Scientists exploration

July 12th - 16th “Scientists Exploration”

In this 10 workshop exploration of different branches of science, you’ll learn facts about Earth, its life past and present, and the molecules that it’s composed of. From studying ancient artifacts and fossils to exploring life in the ocean, you’ll experiment like a scientist while having fun!

Every day will bring a new branch of science to study! You’ll get to create landforms and edible rocks, make ‘n take artifacts and rock art, create a time capsule, dissect an owl pellet, excavate a dinosaur skeleton, learn about SONAR and hydrography, and make chemical reaction powered rockets!

Build it!

July 19th - July 23rd “Woodworking & Building”

Get ready for 10 workshops of intense tools & construction! You’ll get to imagine, design, and create several items in Papaw’s Woodworking Studio. Test your skills and knowledge in using hand tools and power tools as you put together a variety of woodworking projects in the maker lab.

Each workshop focuses on a different set of skills from using hand tools to building bigger projects with power tools. You will items from a wall clock and pull toys to a ball blaster and locking storage box. Make ‘n take an item in every workshop!

Attend all week & earn your woodworking license!

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Rates and Registration Details

Daily Schedule

Morning Drop-off

7:00 - 8:00 am

Workshop 1

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Mid-Day Drop-off / Lunch

12:00 -1:00 pm

Workshop 2

1:00 - 5:00 pm

Evening Pick-Up

5:00 - 6:00 pm

Alternate Drop-off and Pick-Up

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

*See daily activity descriptions HERE

or at https://bit.ly/IFSummer2021

Workshop Rates (discount for add’l children & multiple workshops)

1st Child (Ages 5-12) Add’l Children

Workshops 1-2 $25 each $20 each

Workshops 3-4 $20 each $15 each

Workshops 5-6 $15 each $10 each

Workshops 7-8 $10 each $5 each

Workshops 9-10 $5 each Free!

Ages 1-4

Workshops 1-2 $20 each

Workshops 3-4 $15 each

Workshops 5-6 $10 each

Workshops 7-8 $5 each

Workshops 9-10 Free!

*Early birds - register and pay to save 10%

*$150 for full week or $1,000 for full summer

*Workshops are recommended for ages 5 - 12. Our workshops are limited to a maximum of 10 participants. We provide a morning and afternoon snack. Any child taking both morning and afternoon workshops should bring a packed lunch.

*Children ages 1-2 are welcome to attend during workshop times and can participate in age appropriate activities with our “littles” volunteers in the Zip Zing, Kids Place, Rumble Tumble, and Exploring Music rooms. Our littles sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 participants.

*Children ages 3-4 are welcome to attend during workshop times and will be provided with similar activities that are age and skill appropriate. They can also play in the Zip Zing, Kids Place, and Exploring Music rooms. Our pre-K sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 participants.

*Teens ages 13+ are welcome to attend workshops as volunteers to help younger children with their projects. They can earn points in our I.F. Rewards program to spend on merch and workshops that interest them. Each workshop is limited to 3 volunteers.

*Offices with WiFi access are available for working parents/caregivers. Contact us info@imaginefoundry.org or 931-341-9106 for more details.

Registration Details

*Sign-up is required for workshops. If you are registering for more than two workshops, a deposit of $25 is required. Payments are due prior to the workshop and if a deposit was made it will be applied towards the total cost. Payments for workshops can be made daily or weekly if you have signed up for multiple sessions. Due to limited availability, workshops are first come first serve with registration and payment. Registration without deposit or payment does not reserve your spot!

*Weekly themes and workshops are consecutive, however, every workshop has a different project and can be attended without prerequisites. While it is not necessary to sign up for multiple workshops, it is beneficial to learn the skills taught in each session.

*Some workshops require the use of printing equipment that can take up to several hours. In the case that a student is not able to complete a print during the workshop, Imagine Foundry staff will finish the printing process and have the project available for pick-up. We’ll notify you when your item(s) is ready.

*Financial assistance and our I.F. Rewards program is available. For more information, please contact Jessa by phone 615.784.3332 or email jessa@imaginefoundry.org

*Ready to register? Complete the form linked HERE and we’ll contact you via email with confirmation.


Not sure how much to pay? Please contact us for help to calculate your payment and ensure you have the correct amount.

We also take payments by phone 931.341.9106 or you can stop by our location to pay by cash or card.

Contact info@imaginefoundry.org for more assistance.

Need financial assistance? Ask us what we have available for summer workshops.

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