About Us

Our Mission:

To help each child find a passion by being imaginative, creative, and innovative; developing confidence, determination, and resilience; and having agency to build a better world.

Our Fundamentals:

A Learner-Centered Environment

Support for each learner's unique talents; encouragement for every learner to make discoveries; opportunities to design, build, and construct; and a safe place to make mistakes and find solutions.

Creativity and Innovation

Access to knowledge, skills, and resources to use their imaginations; purposeful opportunities to be creative and innovative; mixed age groupings to think critically and solve problems together.

Opportunity and Accessibility

Growth of learners’ passions and love for learning; hands-on learning for the 21st century; varied approaches to teaching and learning; environments supportive of any background, culture, or ability.

Resilience and Mindfulness

Development of social-emotional skills such as awareness and confidence; values of character and stewardship; openness to ideas and change; willingness to collaborate and work together.

Core Beliefs:

  • Education is not one-size-fits all and children should be encouraged to explore their passions

  • Character matters and children should be given the opportunities to develop trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

  • All children are capable of accomplishing their goals and achieving greatness.

Our Promises to Your Child:

  • Begin a path to lifelong learning.

  • Find his or her passions and talents

  • Build character, resilience, and agency

  • Develop independence, confidence, and determination

  • Value a healthy lifestyle, good stewardship, and freedoms

  • Treasure nature, the arts, and life’s many wonders

  • Learn skills and knowledge to build a better world

Our Commitment to Your Family:

  • Flexibility via our hybrid model and scheduling options.

  • Benefits of homeschooling without the full-time commitment.

  • Voice and participation in your child’s educational journey.

  • Access to coworking spaces, extracurricular activities, and additional workshops.

  • Financial support via our volunteer opportunities and sponsorships.

  • Peace of mind knowing that you are supported in nurturing your child’s growth and development.

Mrs. Donna Bonine

Fine Arts Teacher

ELTA Founder & Member

Dr. Jessa Hershner

Maker Lab Lead Teacher

Executive Director

our board members

Dr. Teri Barnett, Board President

Mr. Jim Roman, Board Secretary & Treasurer

Mrs. Esther West, Board Director​

Ms. Emma Brown, Board Director

Dr. Donna Russell, Board Director