Challenge Quests

“I liked the Antarctic challenge the best because it was winter and it’s always dark there in the winter. We had to use flashlights to get around and be able to see anything. It made it harder to find stuff and search for clues.”

What was your favorite part? "Making things!"

"I liked it and I'm coming back next time!"

~4th Graders~


“Jessa is a great teacher to my grandson. He struggles in English, but she has made it interesting and fun for him. She is very knowledgeable and patient. Her style of teaching engages him and has helped him improve. And he does not dread it so much, which is amazing! I highly recommend her.”


Challenge Quests

“I am delighted Imagine Foundry is willing to offer their original challenge games to the students at our elementary school. The thinking and problem solving involved with participation aligns with the national push for STEM integration. Most importantly, the games are challenging, fact-based, and fun for the participants!”

~Dr. Jones PSES~